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Eebee is life like. In fact, he looks so much like his real TV. character, one expects him to talk with his wide opened mouth. Actually, the wideness of that opened mouth was the only thing i didn't care for so much. But, that's a design thing. Everything about Eebee speaks to quality. Aimed at the age group 6 months to 2 years old.

My favorite thing about the Eebee doll: the yellow knit pants he wears. They look homemade, and absolutely really like the one's Eebee wears on t.v. every day and night. In fact Eebee is so lovingly made, I immediately decided to make every effort to keep him clean and loved and special. He looks like something one might like to save for future generations.

A great selection of eebee books and now an Eebee DVD. 

Eebee has multicolored hair, velvety plush arms and legs and huggable softness, this 12" eebee doll brings the adventures home for every baby. Inspired by the award-winning DVD series, Eebee toys are designed with the idea that there are unlimited ways to play and explore. From the gentle smile of recognition to the joyous squeals of discovery, eebee toys set the stage for rich, creative and imaginative play.

Eebee's adventures If The Shape Fits Stacking Toy
Interactive adventure with shapes, colors and sizes, modern stacking toy to share, compare and wear
Recipient of nappa gold & a parents magazine "favorite baby toy"

Eebee's adventures Hand Puppet Plush Toy
Expressive and kissable 12" friend for all ages, endless hours of interactive fun for parents and babies
Perfect for language play.

Eebee's Adventures: 8" Eebee Plush Toy Character Doll

Eebee's adventures Snuggle Time Plush Toy
A soft and playful blanket to snuggle, a playful puppet for goodnight kisses, colorful, grab-able, lovable fun. 

Eebee Books


Eebee's Adventures is a celebration of the everyday interactions between infants and their caregivers and how they promote social and intellectual growth. Paced slowly to honor the pace of very young infants, Eebee's Adventures features a colorful puppet Eebee and caregiver Kristy as well as real children and adults as they explore everyday objects like containers, laundry, and books.


 Kristy is very animated and enthusiastic, responding to Eebee's natural interests with simple games that encourage exploration, experimentation, and lead to the development of concepts like object permanence, turn taking, and even the verbalization of sounds and rhythms. The program is visually and aurally stimulating to infants and also serves as a new parent's primer on how to play with infants in an educational and meaningful way.


Bonus features include a developmental perspective by experts in early childhood development (exactly the same on each Eebee program), a play by play guide highlighting the skills and developmental ages featured in each section of the program, music clips, and a musical rendition of "Eebee's Beat.



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Eebee's Doll

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This article was published on 2010/10/18