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What if I told you that this person can be your child, or your niece or nephew? Would you think I was crazy? As adults are becoming increasingly stressed with the economy, their job security, and their mortgages, they are looking more to the basics for comfort. Kids are the true experts in finding joy and satisfaction from the basics in life, and have a lot to teach adults.

Find a kid willing to mentor you and learn to tap into your following strengths:

How to use your imagination. Kids are experts at mental imagery and pretend play. Your imagination is your greatest untapped resource. It gives birth to all your dreams, hopes, and desires. Spend some time with a child and let your imagination take over. Who knows where you can end up!

How to play. Notice how creative and rich a child's play is. Wish we adults had more of that in our lives. The sillier the play the more fun you can have. Get in touch with your inner child by playing with one today. Watch all your stress and worries disappear (at least for a while).

How to laugh. Children laugh easily and laugh often. I don't need to remind you of the many benefits of laughter.

How to forgive and forget. Notice how kids are angry and upset one minute and laughing and playing the next. Grudges bring us down and hold us living in the past. Learn to let go and move on.

How to enjoy the simple things. Eating an ice cream cone or a trip to the zoo can easily become big events in a child's life. Children have the ability to enjoy and appreciate the simple, basic things in life. As adults, we seem to lose this ability and often miss opportunities at finding everyday happiness.

Have I convinced you yet to find a child mentor? Find one today and tap into these and many other hidden strengths.

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This article was published on 2010/04/02