How to Play Hard to Get - Get Him Hooked on You by Playing the Right Way

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Do you know how to play hard to get, or do you just think you do? Can playing hard to get snag you the guy you are after? Is it as easy as it sounds? In fact, it is, but most of us don't really know the rules of how to play the game. Even though it is a very effective technique to get the man you want, a lot of women make several mistakes when playing hard to get. Here are some tips that will get you started and set you on the right path of getting the man you want.

It would be a good idea for ever woman to learn the techniques of playing hard to get. The concept has been around forever. Books, movies and television shows all have the well known old story of the girl pretending to be disinterested in the guy in order to gain his attention. Being unavailable makes him want you more! It sounds easy, but the idea behind it is often misunderstood.

Men are naturally hunters. They get bored often, and like a good chase. If you aren't running, then you aren't a good chase. This means that a man might lose interest in you or maybe even never take up one. If you go too far, though, you move from giving him a chase to being impossible to get. This is bad because it can mean that he never gets ready to have a relationship with you in the first place. There is a space in-between these two opposites, a happy medium where you can do it the right way. But where is it?

Timing is everything. He needs to know you are interested, but he doesn't need to know it's a certainty. If he starts to show interest himself, then you have probably gotten pretty far, but if he doesn't show interest he is either not interested himself, or he is probably not the one for you.

After exchanging phone numbers, don't make the first call. Let months go by if you have to, but it's not worth breaking your patience. If he doesn't call, then he was never going to even if you made the first one. It is also important to remember that you shouldn't be shut up in a tower waiting for that call, because you do have a life to live.

If you are still interested in him when he does call, say yes. Don't tell him you have nothing else to do; don't even tell him you will make a space for him. Just say okay, but don't cancel anything for him.

Keep the conversation light on the first date. Don't talk about your ex boyfriends, but tell him about yourself and find out more about him. Remember you are trying to decide if you like him! Don't talk about the future, marriage, moving in together, or even the idea of many more dates to come.

You can keep his interest by playing hard to get. Never let the mystery slip all the way to the floor, and always have him come to you.

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How to Play Hard to Get - Get Him Hooked on You by Playing the Right Way

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This article was published on 2010/03/28
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