Is My Ex Missing Me? - How to Tell If They Really Want You Back

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Broken up then you like me and I would think most other people want to know "is my ex missing me" and "do they really want you back"? It could be that your ex is paying a bit of attention to you. Offers to spend time with you, appears at places where they know you frequent. When you meet you get the distinct impression that they are doing some flirting. All these may be good signs but don't start to run before you are even walking.

Ok I think we can agree that these are positive indications that your ex is looking to get you back. However you should not rush headlong into this, even if in your own mind you really want to get your ex back. I know it is almost a cliché but by playing hard to get (hard but not impossible) will be the way to get the best response from your ex. Going at this full tilt may cause your ex to be overwhelmed and react by moving away from you again. Probably if you think about it, it was not being readily available and playing the hard to get card that brought about the increased interest in your ex wanting to get back together again. This is certainly what has happened in the majority of cases that are ever studied.

Normally when you and your ex break up, whoever instigates the break up; it is quite usual to start missing each other and to consider getting back together as the way to go. This is more pronounced in relationships that have been going for more than a year. It is almost certain that your ex will miss sharing things with you that you shared during your relationship. However remember that with the positive thoughts there will be some negative ones. So when considering "is my ex missing me" or "does my ex really want me back" the chances are that your ex will be going over the same deliberations.

An ex can tease by feigning interest after a break up to exercise power and to them it could just be a big game. They are interested in getting attention from you but have no intention of getting back together. Be warned you need to see if your ex really appears to want to spend time with you, it could be they have nothing better to do at the moment. Or more damagingly they could be using this tactic to extract some revenge for something bad they consider you did to them. This makes it vital you do not just steam in and why you need to be sure that your reading of the position is correct before moving into action.

Alas this situation is all around us, many people are thinking "is my ex missing me" or "do they really want you back"? However you need to really need to understand the complete picture before you take concrete action.The truth is, if your ex is missing you, not going in all guns blazing (in fact playing it ever so cool) represents the optimum strategy as it will let you avoid pain if your ex is just playing you're your emotions and is not really wanting to get back into your old relationship.

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Is My Ex Missing Me? - How to Tell If They Really Want You Back

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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