Play Hard to Get - How to Grab His Attention

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Do you know the right way to play hard to get? Do you usually feel like you've succeeded when you do? Would you like to know a few guidelines when playing this game? Yes, this is truly one of the best ways to interest and entice a man. Yet, going overboard on playing hard to get or doing it the wrong way can backfire tremendously. Read on.

In the thoughts of Jackie Onassis, a woman should always keep a little mystery about her. This is the foundation of playing hard to get. Always be slightly elusive and a man's interest will be held in the palm of your hand. However, do not go overboard to the point where you appear stand-offish or uninterested. Be just coy enough to draw him in, wanting for more. If you see this happening, he's interested. If not, he's probably not a good match for you - move on.

Now, once you've peaked interest in each other and traded numbers, now is not the time to forfeit playing hard to get. Maintain your mystery and wait for his call. Be patient - do not place that first call, no matter how long you have to wait. Keep in mind, he's probably playing a hard to get game of his own and he doesn't want to appear too anxious either.

A very valuable "hard to get" reminder at this point - don't immediately jump at the first day he suggests for a date. Respond that you would love to get together, but you just have to check on something for that day. Now, at this point, you must decide how far you want to play hard to get. Do you call back the next day and accept or do you ask him to suggest an alternate day? Here is a good example of not going too far. After making him wait those 24 hours, call back and make the date for his original suggestion. Let him know everything worked out and you would love to go out with him. This is two-fold - he's left wondering what other plans you might have had AND you have picked him over whatever else it was.

On that first date, talk freely; however, keep accounts of your personal history to a minimum. Let the mystery of you unfold slowly over many dates; maintain that touch of elusiveness. Listen a little more than you talk. By you playing hard to get he won't even realize how fast the night has flown by because he has had so much to talk about. Ready for a second date?

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Play Hard to Get - How to Grab His Attention

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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