Playing Hard to Get So No One Gets Hurt

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Worried that playing hard to get is going to hurt the man you're after? Not sure about toying with another person's emotions? Think that playing hard to get is outdated and possibly cruel? Many of these ideas about playing hard to get do exist, but most of the time it is based on a misconception of what playing hard to get is really about.

Hard to Get is not about showing a guy that you are in control of his emotions or that he wants you so badly that he's willing to be humiliated by you. It doesn't even have to be about him proving his worth. It's more about you keeping control in the initial stages of the relationship so that you know he's really interested and that he's really willing to put in the effort that a relationship requires.

Playing hard to get is simple, maybe you don't answer his calls or texts right away. Maybe you give him short messages or one line email responses. Some people will say that you should write emails exactly as long as his are and wait just as long as he did to write you. This is over complicating things and he's not likely to notice your efforts anyway.

What you want to do is really keep him guessing about what you are going to do next. This keeps the mystery and the romance alive in your relationship. In the beginning it is sometimes easy for things to fizzle out and the interest to fade. But playing hard to get will keep the relationship interesting and keep him chasing after you.

You don't ever want him to feel like you don't feel drawn to him or that you don't have feelings for him. This is never about making him doubt himself or playing around with his feelings for you. Playing hard to get should feel more like a different type of flirting, a fun sort of game that is played to keep things interesting. The goal should never be to hurt the other person or make them feel inferior to you. After all this is a person you want to have a relationship with so if you feel like you're doing something that might hurt them, rethink your actions.

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Playing Hard to Get So No One Gets Hurt

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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