The Best Way to Play Hard to Get - Push Too Hard and You'll Drive Him Away

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Do you think it is difficult to play hard to get? Do you know how to get the guy you have interest in to ask you out without telling him you like him? How do you get a man interested in you and keep that interest? These are questions that women ask continually. To play hard to get works with guys but most women are clueless as to how to do it.

To hold a guy's interest, every woman must learn this imperative lesson. Throughout women's lives, books, movies and lessons from moms have indicated that when you play hard to get you can keep him wanting more. Making yourself occupied keeps him chasing you. Essentially, it sounds simple, but if it were so effortless, why are most women still in the dark about how to do it?

Men bore easily. When you are always available they no longer feel the need to keep pursuing you and they take you for granted. Then again, if you make it too difficult, they think that you are just playing them and that you don't want a relationship. You must find a middle ground. To keep him paying attention, how much is too much?

Here's part of the mystery: the most important thing is timing. You should create a mystery and pique his interest from the beginning. Give him an indication that you might be interested but don't be too obvious about it. If he starts pursuing you then this technique worked. If not, he's not interested and you're better off with somebody else.

When you see mutual interest, you generally give him you phone number and he gives his to you. Do not be the first to call. Even if it's been forever and you have no idea where he is do not call him. If he is interested, he will call you. One way or another guys have been taught to wait before they call you for a date.

It's satisfactory to say yes when he at last calls and asks you out on a date. Don't call off anything just to make the date, however. Ensure that the time you concur on is good for you. In addition, it's not a great idea to tell him that you are free for the whole weekend, even if it is the truth.

Keep the first date simple. Don't discuss deep subjects but don't play dumb either. Bright women turn on guys. Do not discuss past relationships. What's more, don't ever discuss getting married right away. He's not interviewing for a wife.

You have to learn to play hard to get the correct way to draw a guy's attention and keep it. Keep a little bit of secrecy around you and let him approach you.

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The Best Way to Play Hard to Get - Push Too Hard and You'll Drive Him Away

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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