The Greatest Way to Play Hard to Get - Without Pushing Him Away

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Do you know how to play hard to get without pushing him away? Did you know that by playing the right way you have a better chance of making him yours? Are you afraid that you come on too aggressively? There is a thin line between playing hard to get in order to keep a man's attention and making yourself so occupied that he loses notice. When you play hard to get it is identified as an effectual method in getting a man interested in you. However, if you take it too far he could get disheartened and quit. Where do you draw the line?

Don't make yourself too obtainable.

When you first swap numbers, let him call first. It may take him forever to call, but when you play hard to get you should never be the first to call. You may have to wait days or even weeks, but if he is truly fascinated by you he will call eventually. If you call first you remove the thrill of the chase, which men enjoy.

Do be available on occasion.

When he does call and he asks you on a date, say yes only if you really have nothing else to do. Don't let him know that you are free for the entire weekend even if it's true. A guy likes and appreciates competition and he could lose interest if there's not any. On the other hand, if you're never available when he calls he could choose to move on. It's a fragile balance and you'll need to use your opinion to make your mind up on how far you wish to go.

Don't rush it before it starts.

Keep the first date casual. Try not to divulge too much information. Keep a little ambiguity if you want to attract him. Don't hide your intellect, however. Guys should appreciate intelligent conversation, no matter what anyone else tells you. If you like him, let him know you'll be available for a second date, but don't be too obtainable. Make him pursue you - men appreciate a challenge.

You must learn how to play hard to get to attract and hold a guy's attention. Just don't push him too far or you'll lose him altogether.

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The Greatest Way to Play Hard to Get - Without Pushing Him Away

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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