The Real Way to Play Hard to Get

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Tired of people always telling you to play Hard to Get, when you're not sure what that means? Afraid of taking hard to get too far? Not sure what the right way to go about playing hard to get is? Playing hard to get can be tricky especially if you don't understand the real purpose of it.

Playing hard to get is not really about toying with his feelings or trying to make him feel unworthy, it's more about having control. The relationship when it starts can be completely under your control and you can always have him on his toes wondering what will happen next. This is a good way to keep a guy interested and working on the relationship because he never gets too comfortable with a routine.

For example, if he calls you one day let voicemail get it. But maybe the next day when he calls you pick up right away and have a conversation as long as he wants. Then the day after that you pick up just long enough to say you're busy. This way he knows you're interested but he's never quite sure how much and he never really knows what to expect from you.

Playing hard to get also keeps the mystery in a relationship and it keeps it alive for much longer than if you always answered his calls and his questions and took him home that first night. Men love the chase, but they don't love a fruitless chase, so playing hard to get can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope.

The point is never to get him to the point where he feels like he doesn't have a chance with you or that you've tired with him. Never ignore his calls for more than a day or two and never cancel a date without offering the opportunity to make it up. While you want to keep him guessing about what you're going to say or do next, you don't want to keep him guessing about whether or not you still want him.

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The Real Way to Play Hard to Get

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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