Tom Hardy & Joseph Gordon Levitt Interview For Inception

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Gordon Levitt and Hardy are two of my favourite young(er) actors working today so it was a pleasure listening to them talk about such an incredible film.

Inception is such a complex and emotional film, when you first read the script did you understand it?

Tom Hardy:  It was a complicated to start with, speaking to Christopher Nolan was essential for the simplification of everything. I realised that obviously it was essential to speak to him to fit into the vision and be part of the ensemble and play my part and roll with it. I tried to be with Chris constantly (laughs).

Joseph Gordon Levitt:  I generally find it's common that when you read a script or watch a movie it's so predictable, you know exactly what's going to happen and it doesn't really take much thought to figure out anything. I enjoy a challenge, a provocation, something to think about, something to talk about after its done. So yeah the first time I read it I found it posed a challenge and that's enjoyable to me rather than just reading something that I've seen before. And what's interesting though is seeing the final movie, so many of these ideas that when I was reading the ideas in the script I had to go back and figure them out, but when they're visually rendered they just become visceral and much more emotional.

Tom you said in one interview you were playing Chris.

Tom Hardy: Ah yeah, I shouldn't have let that out, (laughs). But then part of me was, I found myself sort of speaking in Chris's cadence a lot with Chris on set, I don't know if he's noticed that. I'd copy things he was saying (does a great Christopher Nolan impression), mimic his mannerisms on set as much as possible. It meant I didn't'have to think too much I could practically apply this this on the floor.

What was it like filming the zero gravity scenes? They were amazing.

Joseph Gordon Levitt:  It was a little painful occasionally. But no more than playing a hard game of Football, American Football that is (laughs). Honestly it was just about as much fun as I've ever had on a set. I felt like a little kid playing in the back yard. Playing pretend but it was actually really happening. I loved the fact that it wasn't done in front of a green screen, because then it WOULD just be playing pretend, but because Chris had built these enormous contraptions and various devises and technique's the floor was really spinning under my feet, and I really was ten feet up in the air with nothing beneath me. I think that makes the scenes a lot more compelling because I don't have to fool the audience that I'm off balance, I really was off balance. I think it comes across, those sequences looked very different than your average digitally created action scene, I think that's why they're so fun to watch

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Tom Hardy & Joseph Gordon Levitt Interview For Inception

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This article was published on 2010/12/02